Borgo Farneto rises in the harmonious hilly landscape of Serra de’ Conti (An). The area is strongly linked to its traditions, such as agriculture and wine, but it is also rich in history, art and culture. The Marche region is on the Adriatic coast that is why this area is mild and temperate during the entire year. We recommend starting from here to discover the wonderful and, still for many mysterious, Marche region or simply to relax in contact with nature.

The Marche region is one of the most characteristic areas of central Italy, even if it isn’t very known. But thanks to the diversity of landscapes, it allows you to live an experience in close contact with nature and with its pluralities.

The coast is characterized by the presence of long and sinuous beaches, where famous seaside towns can be found, together with unspoiled environments accessible only by sea or through paths cut into the Mediterranean scrub.

Exploring the hinterland, a harmonious hilly landscape can be discovered, in which the population has been able to intervene without ruining the original beauty of the territory. Vineyard expanses are often interspersed with woods and fields, where it is still possible to breathe genuine emotions.

For nature lovers it is a must to visit one of the regional parks. For trekking lovers, the ideal places are the Sibillini Mountains and other Apennine mountains. For lovers of caving the main destination is the Frasassi cave in the heart of the “Parco della Gola della Rossa”, one of the most visited destinations by tourists from all over Europe. Finally, the promontory of Monte Conero is an evocative place rich in history. Some argue that it is the last remaining rock of the ancient Adria, a kind of Atlantis now sunk, for others it is a geological paradox rolled towards the Adriatic the day when the Apennines emerged from the terrestrial magma. For certain is that the “Parco del Conero” is an extraordinary environmental oasis, with breathtaking views and beaches of rare beauty.

For lovers of architecture, history and art, the Marche give the opportunity to get lost in medieval and Renaissance villages still perfectly preserved. If you want to live an experience suspended in space and time, you will be spoiled for choice. A few kilometers from Borgo Farneto you can admire the beauties of:

The Marche Region has always been known to be the headquarters of one of the most renowned manufacturing districts in Italy, both for the craftsmanship and for the high-quality products. Not just shoes, but also clothes and accessories of big brands. Surely the most known and well-established area is that of Casette d’Ete where you will find the Castagno Shopping Village, but there are also interesting places in the province of Ancona, Macerata and Pesaro.

Marche, known for being a territory with a strong vocation to plurality, offer a wide choice of food and wine products and it’s the result of a mixture of civilizations and cultures that have succeeded over the centuries. On the one hand we find the simplicity of the typical ingredients of the peasant tradition, on the other the refinement of the dishes reserved in their time to the nobles and the clergy.

Among the typical products, cheeses, sausages and legumes, just to name a few, accompanied by a choice of over twenty autochthonous wines between Doc and Docg. Not to forget is the cooked wine, known since the ancient Romans and the famous sour cherry wine so loved by the Duke of Montefeltro.

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